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Pipes Plumbing Now Offering Lifetime Free Warranty


Plumbing problems can be a real stinker to deal with.

Broken toilets, clogged drains, frozen pipes, and so on. These are common problems we see.

And while they may seem like a simple fix, these small pests can grow into a full-blown crisis very quickly.

Well, worry no more… Because we can help!

Now you can flush your problems away faster, easier, and completely stress-free when you choose Pipes Plumbing to give you a helping hand.

When you work with us, you’ll immediately notice our commitment to service and quality (and we’re not just saying that because everyone else does).

We’re actually very different from other plumbers in the Ottawa area. Here’s why:

All our work is backed by a rock-solid, 100% lifetime warranty guarantee.

This means if our work isn’t good for an entire lifetime, just give us a call and we’ll immediately come back to fix it for you at no cost.

Pretty good deal, right? We’re sure you agree.

The reason we’re able to offer such a bold guarantee like that is we’ve got the proven track record and experience to back it up.

And because of that, we typically get zero call-backs from our clients (something we’re very proud of).

Plus, our straight-forward, fast, and efficient approach makes the process of getting started and finishing very easy.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call to speak with our friendly staff today about your plumbing problem.

We’ll give you an instant quote or send a technician to your home for inspection as quick as a flash (or a flush!)

And of course, there are no obligations. In fact, we won’t even charge you a fee for coming out to visit your home.

Call (613) 227-7473 Or Click Here To Claim Your Free, No-Obligation Quote Today!

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